fresco-akrotiri-santoriniIt all started when Minoans from Crete inhabited Akrotiri, Santorini. As one of the most advanced civilizations of the time they started developing trade, agriculture  and art. Time from then until present is mystery for most of us. What is explored and excavated makes history of island which is preserved and exhibited in museums across the country. Majority of items are held in Santorini museums and National museum in Athens.

If you want to find out more about Santorini history events, spend some time in local museums. These are main cultural places which are definitely worth visiting during Santorini holidays.

Archaeological museum suited in Fira represented long history by the many items found in the different excavations. It hosts collection of Hellenistic and Roman sculpture, vases and clay figurines.

Masterpieces of art from the prehistoric Cycladic island are hosted in The Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira. Fossils of olive leaves, clay oven, small bathing tube, gold ibex figurine are some of exponents.

akrotiri-frescoAkrotiri excavation, located near village of Akrotiri, is the most important archaeological site of Santorini where are suited Minoan settlement dating to 1500 BC. Archaeologists believe that the town was originally constructed around 4500 B.C. and it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Folklore Museum in Fira is the traditional cave house constructed in the 19th century. Traditional costumes from special or casual occasions, shoe making equipment and old winery are just some of many interesting items that you can see in this museum.

Maritime life of area is represented in Naval Museum in Oia. Small library and the vestiges of a Venetian fortress are part of it.

For wine lovers Volcan Wines or Wine Museum is place where you can find out more about wine making process, but also enjoy tasting wines. It is located in village of Messaria.