2013-year-of-gastronomy-santoriniThis year is declared as Year of Gastronomy in Santorini. The campaign embraces number of different events not only of culinary, but also historical, artistic and cultural in general. The idea is to connect island s past with the present and to highlights how specific the volcanic soil of Santorini is. Soil was formed after volcanic eruption and cannot hold the water and because of that crops have to absorb water through their leaves. Mediterranean climate with little rainfall caused large roots systems of plants and all this conditions give nowadays products unique taste and very strong aroma. Therefore, santorini hotels, restaurants, taverns, wineries and the island municipality have launched a campaign entitled “2013 Year of Gastronomy in Santorini” with rich program full of interesting events. This summer Santorini becomes top of gastronomy destinations.

santorini-local-productsOne of the traditional products which grow only on Santorini is white eggplant. It has authentic sweet taste without any bitterness. Cherry tomato on the island has twice stronger smack than ordinary tomatoes and an intensely red color. Caper is very spicy and delicious addition to salads or sauce for pastas. Fava, yellowish bean rich in protein and carbohydrates is cultivated from ancient times and it is inevitable appetizer in every tavern. Crocus or saffron has been depicted on pottery since Middle Minoan times and the plant still grows in specific areas of the island. Katsouni is an authentic local variety of large cucumber tastes like melon.

Juicy grapes of Santorini vineyards in combination with wine making tradition that dates back thousands of years produce wines of finest quality.